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Layout Service

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it?

The layout fee is P1,300.

How many photos can I send?

You may send photos up to 3x the number of book pages, i.e. 180 for a 60-page book, 240 for an 80-page book and 300 for a 100-page book.

Do you edit or design the pages and cover?

Unfortunately, we don’t. We just collage the photos and adjust brightness, contrast and white balance of the photos. We also do not add text to the pages or photos.

Can we see the final layout before printing?

Sorry, but we don’t do proofing. We layout the photos to our discretion. We’ve been doing album layouts for more than a decade so, we got this. 😉

How do you do the layout?

We sort the photos by filename or capture time first then work from there. If you have a specific arrangement for your photos, you may rename them by page, ex. 01-a.jpg, 01-b.jpg, 01-c.jpg and 01-d.jpg are images for page 1 and 02-a.jpg, 02-b.jpg and 02-c.jpg for page 2 and so on.

How long will it take?

Layout service adds 1 week to the book production. So if you ordered a rush book and added layout service, total book production would be 2 weeks, and 5 weeks for regular order.

How to place an order?

Add the Layout Service item to your cart, together with your book of choice, then checkout when ready.