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About Fotogra Books

We are Mimi and Karl, wedding photographers and parents to Kaitlyn and Kalvin.

Just like other moms and dads, we are crazy, crazy, CRAZY! about our kids! Each and every baby milestone is well-documented in our phones, tablets, and digital cameras. First bath? Check. First smile? Check. First time to eat solids, have a haircut, visit the dentist? Yup, captured! Not to mention the various trips we’ve taken, parties and family gatherings we’ve been to and even the ‘because you look cute I’ll take your picture’ pictures. Name it, we have it on file.

But that is the problem. We have all those precious moments JUST ON FILE. Stored in a hard disk that we hardly even browse through anymore. We know we share this frustration with a lot of parents. As a viral article once said, ‘The most photographed generation will have no pictures in 10 years.

To scratch our itch, we decided to make photobooks of our digital photos, Instagram posts included. (Thank God for hashtags, we’re able to print IG photos of our kids posted by our families and friends too!)

With our background in photography, we are very particular with how our photos turn out when printed. After much experimentation, we finally got what we want, a book that is big enough to hold our memories yet small enough to bring around. And that is what we’d like you to have as well.

Fotogra Books. Our small books for your big moments.