Fotogra Books

Small books. Big moments.

5×5-inch, 60-page photobooks  
vibrant prints on matte paper  
perfect bound with satin cover  
free shipping within Metro Manila

Only P650

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What people are saying…

“I’m ordering again because I liked the Fotogra Book that I first ordered. Am getting 4 now.”

— PAM, mom

“My first Fotogra Book arrived the other day! I’m a happy woman! In the current times when everything seems to be digital, THIS is special. Photos seem to be a lot different when you can touch and feel them. I love it! I think this is my new addiction. Giddy to work on my next books!”

— MIAMI, traveler

“Thank you for this photo book. Now I can organize all my travel photos. Also, it’s easier to reminisce and look back on my trips. I’ll definitely order more books for my past and future travels!”

— KENN, traveler

“I have tons of photos on file but nothing beats the old school feeling of thumbing through an album and seeing your memories printed on page. So I organized my pics and sent them to Fotogra Books. In a few days, my book was delivered. I am so looking forward to having more of our memories printed!”

— NEVA, blogger

“I am even more excited to travel so I can make more Fotogra Books!”

— KAREN, traveler

“These Fotogra Books are my family’s photo albums. I wish I had discovered this service before the pictures of my son’s baptismal and first birthday got lost in electronic oblivion. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to add more albums in the future.”

— KRISTEL, mom